Arms, John Taylor - "A Tower of St Front"

Anderson, Carolyn

Carolyn Anderson was in the Colorado State University Art Dept. when Gallery of the Ravens first saw her works and requested to represent her. She agreed only after the Gallery had a thorough understanding of the intaglio methods of printing.


Arms, John Taylor


Audubon American Society


Brouet, Auguste


Brown, Boulton


Carlson, George  

    George Carlson is, in my opinion,  one of the most complete artists in the U.S.A.'s history.



Cheff, Asa


Cox, Peter


Curtis, Edward S


Greeves, Richard


Grimes, Robert


Hochstetler, Tony




Kaplinski, Buffalo

    Buffalo Kaplinski's early works were works from the soul, unmatched, in my judgement


Kostynski, Ivanovitch


Oesnev, Nicholi Ivanovitch

Unknown Russian Art Student


Lathrop, Dorothy



Lichtenstein, Tamara

Initially Gallery of the Ravens represented only this artist’s husband’s sculptures. When visiting his home and discovering his wife's talent, the Gallery immediately began to represent Tamara Lichtenstein as well.


Lindsay, Sir Lionel



Logan, Herschel C



Mandel, Dorothy



Merli, Bruno



Mosijczuk, Ala

This artist's batiks astonished the Director of the Moscow Painters' Union, who could not believe they were batik.


Mylova, Lydia Alexandrovana



Nason, Thomas W



Pennell, Joseph



Pletka, Paul

Paul Pletka studied at Colorado State University and is the most gifted of all of the painters of the sacred history of magic.


Raffael, Joseph



Risbeck, Marie Vescial

The wife of an important poster artist, Marie Vescial Risbeck was an art instructor at Colorado State University. Early in her career she produced large figures, but by the time Gallery of the Ravens represented her, she was working primarily with small figures. 


Smit, Wolf and Keulemans



Sopel, Lyle



Stark, Alan

Alan Stark first came to the attention of the Gallery of the Ravens at a Colorado College art exhibition, where he exhibited large acrylics. 


Webb, Paul



Wengenroth, Stow



Zahourek, Jon

Early in Jon Zahourek's  career, famed artist Fritz Scholder saw his American Indian pieces. This event started Scholder's career of painting American Indians in earnest. He became a wonderful figurative artist.


Zuniga, Francisco

Francisco Zuniga is one of Mexico's best-known artists.
















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