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"Madame Moustache" by Raffel, Judy, 1980

Initially the Gallery of the Ravens was located in Ft. Collins, Colorado, quickly followed by a second location in the mountain resort of Estes Park, Colorado. A third location in Scottsdale, Arizona closed when the owners decided Colorado was their home year-round. During this same period the collector and his wife ran a second gallery with limited edition offset lithography and posters. The Gallery of the Ravens remained one of the premier art galleries in the region for 18 years.

Over the years, The Gallery of the Ravens represented recognized artists from all over the world. Primarily the art is realistic and not the abstract. The gallery accepted art on consignment, but purchased many pieces outright. Much of the purchased art went directly into the owners' private collection, never even shown in the gallery. Some of the pieces came from talented artists in Russia, Africa and China. The collection is – for the first time – being offered for sale.

Many are custom framed by a craftsman, now deceased, who was respected for his originality and talents, including expertly working with gold leaf. 









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